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Inheritance is the practice of passing on property, titles, debts, rights and obligations upon the death of an individual. A death in the family is a sad time but a series of steps need to be quickly and effectively taken to help us organize the family estate.

Your will need death certificates and the last will and testament, the property deeds, tax receipts, bank guarantees,…

Having identified the deceased person’s estate, an assessment is required in order to minimize the taxes payable on acceptance of inheritance. Not only inheritance taxes will be due, but also income tax and municipal taxes. It is important to study this in detail because the difference in tax payments can be huge.

With the will and the accompanying documentation all the heirs and legatees are summoned to accept the inheritance before a notary. In the event of failure to locate any heir, the appropriate enquiries need to be made and where any heir waives acceptance of the inheritance, or in the event of discrepancies in the amount or in the form of distribution thereof, the appropriate court procedure needs to be initiated.

Once the inheritance has been accepted, Inheritance Tax and capital gains tax will need to be settled, and banks must be visited to verify cash account balances and shares; registration at the Land Registry will also be necessary.

Thereby making the effective distribution of the estate among the heirs. There are formulas to defer the payment of taxes, to obtain funding for the purpose of their settlement prior to disposal of the inheritance and services to help liquidate the estate so as to distribute it in cash or to arrange its management in order to produce income for the heirs.

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